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Changzhou Josen Pharmaceutical Chemical Material Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou City, China Benniu town's most dynamic economy in the heart of Jiangsu, Zhejiang; convenient transportation from Shanghai about moving car one hour away. Cho Sun Pharmaceutical is a company dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical intermediates, materials, intermediates and special additives, management, production and applied to an integrated modern chemical industry.
The company's main products are: tranexamic acid, isopropyl inosine, tetracaine hydrochloride, o-acetophenone, bassoon 1789,6FDA so on. Companies adhere to the "quality of life, life only once," the quality of ideas, and to provide compliance with JP, BP, USP, EP, and other standard products for domestic and foreign customers; product quality, price, service, and many have significant advantage, relying on good market reputation, Zhuosheng medicine has some well-known pharmaceutical companies to establish a more close relationship; our products and services have become the first choice of customers.
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